Jérémy Dillenbourg
Backend developer - PHP ~ Laravel

About me

Jérémy Dillenbourg

In 2003, I got my first connection to the internet. It was really awesome, even in 56k :)

Quickly I started creating some websites and, well, in the beginning, it was not so great. (Do you know frontpage? )

By 2006 I already knew a little bit of PHP and I was making a few websites.

Among these, I did my first complete web app for customer management and vaccine management for a veterinary practice. At this moment I was only 15.

In 2013, I finally decided to make a job out of my hobby. So, I started studying by myself and in December 2013 I became a freelancer.

In March 2014, I started working at Youonweb. It was a little agency and I worked for several different clients. It's where I discovered the PHP framework Laravel.

In July 2016 I left Youonweb to start working at FamousGrey. There, I was developing the backend for a lot of different website for well-known brand. I also had the chance to continue to use Laravel aside of other framework and new technologies like chatbot, alexa, image recognition,...

In October 2018, I'm starting a new challenge at BBDO always as Backend developer.

Since march 2019 I'm working at BePark as Backend developer



What I like

Web development is obviously one of my interests, as all everything gravitating around technology. Therefor I usually follow other developers and framework's communites I'm interest in. I also like to go to conference like the Laracon. I'm also a big fan of music, especially rock from 70's to nowadays. And as you would expect from a Belgian person, I like to discover new beers.

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