Hello, my name is

Jérémy Dillenbourg

I am Backend software engineer (PHP)

With 9 years of professional experience (and 20 as a passionate), I'm now focused on developing products following the industry's best practice of code quality.
I'm experienced in producing quality code but also isolating legacy to make it sustainable.

I'm Belgian speaking french and working mostly in English for the last 7 years.

<b>Jérémy</b> Dillenbourg
  • 9 +Years of Experience
  • 2M+lines of Code

What do you need?

my Services
Software&Web Development
Backend engineering
Depending on your needs, I can join your existing team, or handle the development from A to Z.
I'm experienced to build products with Domain-Driven Design and producing sustainable code that will last.
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Apps Development
iOS & Android

Using Ionic framework, I'm able to set up simple and complex mobile applications and WPA.

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Tech lead
Technical lead & advice
After years in the field and thanks to a strong technical background, I'm able to help you and your team with technical leadership and clear advice on the engineering processes.
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Pair coding/Training/Documentation

Professional Skills

Hard & soft skills
Coding in PHP

PHP is my primary language. I started a long time ago with PHP 3 and I'm now up to date with PHP 8.2.
I'm used to working with the Framework Laravel.
API / OAuth2.0 & SSO/ Laravel / PHPUnit

Software Craftsmanship

SOLID principles and design patterns lead me to the general principle of clean architecture.

  • Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)
  • Hexagonal Architecture
  • MySQL (MariaDB)
  • Redis
  • Elasticsearch / Typesense / Algolia
  • Setting up tools to increase the reliability and frequency of release.
  • Using CI/CD pipeline, monitoring tools, and the right server setup (AWS)
  • Github (Action), linter, and static analyzer such as PHPCSFixer, PhpStan, Deptrac
  • Monitoring tools Cloudwatch (AWS), Sentry, Flare, OhDear, Papertrail
Ionic (Mobile app)

Using Ionic framework with Angular/Typescript and either Cordova or Capacitor, I'm able to develop mobile applications and release them.
Using Laravel and PHP, I can also build the necessary API.


Working with Agile/Scrum with pragmatism to suit your needs. Using small iteration allow us to keep the scope under control and get early feedback. In the end, that allows delivering a stable product and keeping your budget aligned.

Pair coding & Sharing knowledge

Practicing pair coding allow faster development, fewer bug and well-tough code architecture.
Documenting and sharing knowledge about the code, but also about coding in general level up the entire team.
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My professional Story
You can review here my various professional experiences since my personal beginning in 2003, and my professional ones since 2014.
Aside from that, I'm working as a freelancer with my own company: Casper Development.
SaaS: Senior software engineer
BePark & Izix
2019 - Present

Bepark is a parking operator managing user subscriptions (B2C) and allowing them to open gates. Izix came out of it as a parking management SaaS allowing B2B companies to manage and optimize their parking lots. I helped move from a POC built quickly to a sustainable code (DDD, Hexagonal architecture, good CI/CD,...) able to handle the future of the product. As it operates gates, it has to be reliable and failure tolerant. With a strong growth, scalability was also a real challenge (Load, database, ...).

Agency: Backend PHP developer
BBDO Belgium
2018 - 2019

Taking care of campaign websites for accounts like Carrefour, Lidl, Total, Atos, ...

Agency: Web developer
2016 - 2018

Taking care of campaign websites (& chatbot) for accounts like Volvo, Nmbs, Maes, WWF, ...

Agency: Lead Web developer
2014 - 2016

Working for various accounts, handling the process from A to Z and leading the team. One of these accounts was eplaque.fr, which I still work with nowadays.

The origin: Passionate Web developer
2003 - 2014

I was 13 in 2003 when I started "programming in HTML". It stayed a passion for a long time until I turn all of it into a profession. The interesting skills that came out of this: Working with passion, self-learning, fast learner


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Gembloux, Belgium
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