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Php Web developer backend
Dillenbourg jérémy

Laravel | Symfony | Debian

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About me

In 2003, I got my first connection to the internet. It was really awesome, even in 56k :)
Quickly I started creating some websites and, well, in the beginning, it was not so great. (Do you know frontpage? )
By 2006 I already knew a little bit of PHP and I was making a few websites. Among these, I did my first complete web app for customer management and vaccine management for a veterinary practice. At this moment I was only 15.
In 2013, I finally decided to make a job out of my hobby. So, I started studying by myself and in December 2013 I became a freelancer.
In March 2014, the company Youonweb hired me and I'm there since then.
On the side, I keep a technical blog (in french) whith what I do at
In July 2016 I wanted more challenge and I left Youonweb to start working at FamousGrey.

Technical skills

  • Php
    • Laravel
    • Symfony 2
    • Codeigniter
  • Linux server administration
    • Debian
    • AWS - Amazon Web Service
    • Shell scripting
  • Database
    • Mysql
    • Elasticsearch
    • Database design
  • Mobile app
    • Ionic (Angular Js )
  • Tools
    • Phpstorm, Sublime Text, Brackets
    • Git, Mercurial (Bitbucket, github, gitlab)
    • Composer
    • Basecamp (2 & 3), Slack
  • Front-end technologies: Html5 / Css3 / Javascript with Jquery / Bootstrap
  • Other languages taught at school (but not used)
    • C (oriented algorithmic)
    • Java 6
    • Vb .net

Other skills

As a lead web developer and technical project manager I do the coaching of the new developers on the projects I manage.
I follow the others developers with a technical help but also by making code reviews.
Sometimes I organize trainings inside the company.
I'm in touch with our clients to make business analysis in order to get the best scope definition and writting the user stories.


  • 07/2016 - Now : FamousGrey

  • 2014 - 07/2016: Youonweb

    Since march 2014, i'm working at Youonweb in Mons (Be) as a lead Developper on a lot of projects. Major projects on which I worked are
    • [Laravel] , selling car registration for french market. The customer buy a box in some shop with a code inside. With this code he can order on the website. There had also (same system but for license plates) who is connected to the first one by an Api.
    • [laravel] the Saas, A project still in developpement but started as a Saas with an Api restfull and some front project (back-office, client's front, ...). This one is my biggest challenge because I had to create an Api with more advanced code into Laravel and also implement Elasticsearch (so create some extension to keep the mysql database update with the indexes)
    • [Symfony 2] /, we didn't created this project. We're doing developpment on it only for maintenance. However it allowed me to learn a lot about Symfony.
  • 2013 - 2014: Freelancer (SmartBe)

    Before working at Youonweb, I was working as a freelancer for some friend/family and a few showcase website


  • IKM test (Php5 & Programming) score of 80%.
  • 2012 - 2014: Ifosup Wavre
    Night classes in programmation, stopped during the third year (I worked already since March 2014). Certificate of achievement including: Structure of computer, Language C, Linux, English, Java, Law, Accouting, Database (Sql & Access).
  • 2008 - 2011: Université Catholique de Louvain
    Some tries in physics and geography.
  • 2002 - 2008: Collège Sainte Gertrude Nivelles
    Secondary school

My hobbies & interests

Web development is obviously one of my interests, as all as everything gravitating around technology.
I'm also a big fan of music, especially rock from 70's to nowadays. And as you would expect from a Belgian person, I like to discover new beers.